Reward Points to Earn Extra Cash

Each time you play at Prime ScratchCards you’re doubly rewarded!

That’s because in addition to the opportunity to win cash prizes, you will receive lucrative Reward Points on every wager.

Most games earn you 1 Reward Point for every €20 you wager on Real Money mode, starting from your very first wager.

Once accumulated, these Reward Points can then be converted to bonus cash, giving you even more money with which to play!

The more you play, the more Reward Points you will receive, and the quicker you will climb through our six Club levels.

Once your Prime ScratchCards VIP level increases, we will automatically upgrade you and congratulate you personally to ensure you never miss out.

Enjoying the Upgrade

At each level you will receive an even better redemption rate for converting your Reward Points to bonus cash. In fact, once you reach the Prestige VIP level, a mere 15 Points will earn you €1 back!

Once you redeem your Reward Points, your VIP level will not be affected. You will simply need to start collecting again to get more bonus cash!

In addition to a better conversion rate, advanced VIP levels are rewarded with increasingly attractive benefits including dedicated tournaments, exclusive raffles, and unique promotions!

The Coveted VIP

Only the top-of-the-top earns the incredible distinction of becoming a Prime ScratchCards Prestige VIP player.

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Paola B.IT3,180€
Jukka H.FI3,350€
Mira H.FI4,253€
Erik H.NL4,860€
Joseph P.FR5,000€
Henna H.FI6,468€
Xu C.NL7,513€
Marko R.FI24,675€
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