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If you love scratch cards - also known as scratch off tickets or scratch off games - Prime ScratchCards is going to be your favourite site. We've got over 150 fun and exciting games that are a fast moving and colourful online version of the lottery scratch cards that everybody loves to play. Most lotto scratch games don't really pay out much in the way of prizes, but Prime ScratchCards is different. The top prize for most of scratch off games is massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot! If you think £100,000 could change your life, win the enormous £1,000,000 Prime Jackpot that comes with the amazing 3WOW! games!

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You can get 20 free cards right now to play all the latest lottery scratch cards and scratch off tickets at Prime ScratchCards. There are also slots, fun and instant win games. As soon as you're signed up you can go straight for the £1,000,000 Prime Jackpot and your 100% Match Up Bonus will give you a great chance to try all the superb fantasy, sport, casino and many more scratch off games.

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Apart from the fact that Prime ScratchCards lotto scratch games are fun, exciting (and feature some of the best graphics that you'll see anywhere) we'll make you a winner! 1 in every 3 of our lottery scratch games is guaranteed to pay out a cash prize - it's as simple as that! A 10 pence bet can win £1,000 with a single click and the Prime Jackpots go all the way up to an earth shattering £1,000,000 top prize!

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